Pin Grading Guide

Every pin is handmade, from the process of filling the enamel to the polishing of the metal. Therefore, please keep in mind that every pins can never be made with 100% accuracy in resemblance. The pins will be subjected to a grading system, albeit to the best of our abilities, where they will be categorized based on their various qualities. Please refer to the grading system below to check our standards for quality assessments!


A-Grade and highest quality pins.
Imperfections usually only visible upon close-up inspection or viewing the pin in a specific angle in light.
♡ Minor under / overfilled areas of enamel
♡ Very minor scratches or scruffs on surfaces
♡ Tiny bubbles or faint dust in enamel
♡ Slight misalignment of screen-printing

B-Grade Pins.
These pins have one or more noticeable imperfections which offered at a slight discount.
♡ Small black marks on enamel
♡ More noticeable scratches or scruffs on surfaces
♡ More noticeable tiny bubbles or faint dust in enamel
♡ Noticeable misalignment of screen-printing
♡ Minor oxidation of metal plating

Seconds Pins.
These Pins have significant flaws and imperfections and the flaws can include but are not limited to:
♡ Deep scratches, scruffs. or excess enamel on surfaces
♡ Low fills in larger or visually prominent areas
♡ Noticeable black specs or dust, and larger bubbles
♡ Significant oxidation of metal plating
♡ Loose pin posts at the back

We don't want any pins to go to waste and hope they find a loving home despite their imperfections D:

Ps. Enamel pin colors may vary depending on your screen resolution.