Eeveelution - Espeon Potion Enamel Pin
Eeveelution - Espeon Potion Enamel Pin
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Eeveelution - Espeon Potion Enamel Pin

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Pin Details

♥ Hard Enamel Pins
♥ Gold Plated
♥ 1.5 inches tall (381mm)
♥ Double rubber clutch 
♥ Illustrated backing card

Poke-potion series featuring 15 different Pokemons along with their hand made potions! Espeon appears under the moonlight. With her, is a strange looking potion! It looks like little Espeon has also made a perfume. It brings about a smell of fresh air, with a aromatic mysterious smell! it gives off a vibe as mysterious as the stars in the night sky! What secrets does it hold for us? I wonder how did little Espeon came up with such a perfume? It's as mysterious as her psychic powers but it's also provides a calming scent just like little Epsy herself! Would anyone bring this Espeon home? 

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