Eeveelution - Poke-Doll Umbreon Enamel Pin
Eeveelution - Poke-Doll Umbreon Enamel Pin
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Eeveelution - Poke-Doll Umbreon Enamel Pin

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Pin Details

♥ Hard Enamel Pins
♥ Gold Plated
♥ 1.5 inches tall (381mm)
♥ Double rubber clutch 
♥ Illustrated backing card

Everyone loves Eeveelutions! It's amazing how one cute little Pokemon can evolve into so many forms! I thought that making doll versions of them would be really cute and my Poke-doll Eeveelution series was born! They own have their own Eeveelution outfit and it's irresistible!

Baby Umbreon has made her appearance! It's just like her to appear during a full moon! She sleeps during the day and more active during the nights! However, she's her to bring moonlight and a beautiful night sky but most importantly, a good night sleep to all children and adults alike! She really is such a sweetheart! 

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