Elemental Dragon - Ice Dragon Enamel Pin
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Elemental Dragon - Ice Dragon Enamel Pin

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Pin Details

♥ Hard Enamel Pins
♥ Gold Plated
♥ 1.25 inches tall (317mm)
♥ Double rubber clutch 
♥ Illustrated backing card

A mystical beast living on the highest mountains, the snow dragon are a force to be reckon with. The snow dragons brings about the powers of winter to wherever it appears. They are said to be gentle giants that live at the highest points in the world, to have the snow protect them from intruders. However, when they feel threatened, be prepare to feel the wrath of the frozen embodiment of ice as they summon blizzards and hails to freeze all in its tracks. A baby one such as this looks adorable beyond believe. It would be so amazing to snuggle with it during hot days! ❄️

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