Neko Hades Enamel Pin
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Neko Hades Enamel Pin

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Pin Details

♥ Hard Enamel Pins
♥ Gold Plated
♥ 1.5 inches tall (381mm)
♥ Double rubber clutch 
♥ Illustrated backing card

When it comes to Greece, it is the Greek mythologies that comes to mind for everyone around the world. The legends and stories of these great deities is known far and wide, from mother of the God Gaia to the stories of the Zeus. However, I gave mine an adorable feline take on these iconic Greek deities to make a cute set of the Neko Gods!

Hades is known for many things; with many stories from childhood cartoon depicting him as an evil god. However, Hades in reality, is considered to be one of the more peaceful gods. Tricked into being the god of the underworld, not once did he complained nor fought for a different role. He was one of the only few gods that never caused any uproar in the heavens.

Hades quietly rules over his domain with impartial and fair judgement for the souls that come across him which made him the ideal god for the judgement of law and order. The one misdeed he was known to do was kidnap Persephone and in some description, it was said that it was a deed permitted by Zeus for their marriage. Hades was an amazing god to do and I love how he turned out. Not only that, the more I read into him, the more I respected him as a god. He was an ideal example to the rest!


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