How to Launch a Successful Enamel Pin Kickstarter Campaign.


Enamel pins have emerged as a major trend among artists but are not limited to them. The trend is gaining momentum and with the resources offered by certain manufacturers, designing your own pin has become accessible to everyone who wishes to try.

I had a deep interest in crafting handmade polymer clay charms and spent quite some time making my own. However, the artists I admired eventually took a leap into creating enamel pins which piqued my curiosity after seeing their stunning designs!

As a result, I began to explore more within the enamel pin community - an experience that ultimately rewarding but not without its challenges. From launching my Kickstarter project to managing production and shipment of these unique creations required much learning along the way but it has all been worth it!

In this post, I’ll also give you some price examples of certain things to take into account with my personal experience. Before we start, allow me to provide you with some information about what an enamel pin is.


Enamel Pins

Enamel pins comes with two enamel options: soft or hard enamel. Each variety contains a combination of metal and colored enamels, resulting in endless shape opportunities. Perfect for enhancing style, these pins add pops of bold hues to items such as denim jackets, leather jackets, tote bags made from canvas material or baseball caps.

Enamel pins serve a dual purpose as they not only have practical uses but also hold immense value as collectibles that are highly desired for their decorative purposes. Given their aesthetically pleasing designs, these pins can be seen as works of art and provide endless opportunities to showcase one's individuality or demonstrate loyalty towards a particular group, club or brand.




My journey with enamel pins began when I started a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. This platform offers an amazing opportunity to finance and launch your next venture involving enamel pins. It is indeed the most effective way of gaining exposure for your brand while funding your pin-related project simultaneously.

Our detailed guide will walk you through every essential step involved in planning, financing and promoting a triumphant Kickstarter campaign intended specifically for enamels pins projects.

Starting from researching specific niches up until defining realistic goals- we've got everything covered. So let's make this dream come true!


 1. Get Ready for Your Campaign

To ensure the success of your Kickstarter campaign, strategic planning and preparation are crucial. Allocate sufficient time to establish a solid base for your project by paying attention to these two essential elements during the preparatory phase:


2. Researching the niche.

In order to launch a successful campaign, it is important to first gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific niche. This exploration will furnish you with valuable insights regarding which products are best suited for them and how they can be effectively approached.

Take the time to study your customer demographic, taking into consideration their individual preferences in areas such as color schemes, styles and graphics that resonate most strongly with them. Designing an idealized version of this target audience (a 'customer avatar') would aid significantly in achieving better understanding whilst fashioning designs tailored precisely towards preference.


3. Transform your designs into pins.

Once you've determined your niche and created a solid strategy for developing your enamel pin designs, it's essential to put them into production. While it isn't necessary to manufacture pins in large quantities before beginning Kickstarter campaigns, obtaining samples of the final product can significantly increase their chances of success. Authentic representations are more attractive and likely to attract pledges from viewers; therefore taking photos of the merchandise displayed against backdrops that appeal most strongly to this target audience could yield positive results.


4. Track your finances diligently.

Understanding your finances is crucial when establishing feasible objectives and predicting the potential results of launching a Kickstarter campaign. Consider the following critical elements:


 5. Cost of Design.

Check if you need to pay for designing your pins. If you decide to create them yourself, the costs associated with this task are improbable. On the other hand, if you go down the route of hiring a proficient designer, ensure that these fees are considered in your financial preparations.


 6. Costs of Production

Once you have finalized your design, assess the production costs of your pins using manufacturer pricing tools and estimating manufacturing expenses according to projected pin quantities. Prioritize informed decision-making by considering multiple scenarios before setting campaign objectives.


7. Cost of Shipment.

When planning your Kickstarter campaign, remember to include shipping costs in your budget. Enamel pins are typically small and lightweight, so calculating shipping expenses should be straightforward. Consider factors such as the weight of each pin, packaging materials required, delivery methods available and shipment destinations when determining how much funding you need to meet your crowdfunding goals successfully.


8. Other Costs

Be sure to consider all possible additional costs that may arise throughout your campaign, including expenses associated with promotions or advertising. Additionally, keep in mind that Kickstarter imposes a fee for using their platform and this should be integrated into any projected costs you create.


Three steps to setting attainable objectives.

 Ensuring that your Kickstarter campaign goals are both attainable and aligned with profit margins is critical. Implementing sensible pricing for your product can enhance the likelihood of drawing in backers while meeting funding objectives. To incentivize more donations, incorporate stretch goals into the mix, such as extra features or rewards to encourage pledging higher amounts.

 To enhance the chances of accomplishing goals and acquiring sufficient funding, it is recommended to adopt a restrained approach when defining your objectives. It's crucial to keep in mind that Kickstarter mainly functions as a means for nurturing progress and establishing a fan base for your product, rather than generating substantial profits.


Implementing stretch goals can improve engagement.

The success of enamel pin campaigns primarily hinges on their stretch goals, which can only be reached after meeting the initial funding objective. For instance, let's say your first goal is to offer two unique pin designs; once this target is met, subsequent stretch goals will unveil additional patterns or colors that provide more options for supporters who back your project.


Integrating stretch goals in your campaign motivates backers to increase their investments and secures funding for your unique designs. This approach entices potential supporters craving a complete set of pins, fostering deeper engagement with them. Nonetheless, it is essential that these objectives are financially feasible and aligned with the primary aims of the campaign.


Design a Compelling Motivational Scheme

Establishing a meticulously designed incentive scheme is crucial in determining the level of support your campaign receives from backers. It's vital to create multiple reward options that appeal to different types of supporters, including an entry-level option for those who wish to lend their assistance but may be unable to contribute at higher tiers. A simple yet thoughtful gesture such as personalized stickers or a message expressing appreciation can serve as excellent starting rewards for these individuals.

Suggest an incentive at the mid-level that includes one or two enamel pins, providing significant value to supporters. Consider including a bonus reward for those interested in making a larger contribution. This high-end choice could feature added benefits such as personalized thank-you cards, extra pin designs, or customized options enhancing its appeal to donors eager to give more generously.

In order to garner enthusiasm for your campaign and express gratitude towards supporters' contributions, it is possible to create a system of rewards that cater specifically to their personal preferences and financial capabilities.


Promote your campaign in an effective manner.

For your Kickstarter campaign to be successful, promoting it should be a top priority. Actively driving potential supporters towards the page through strategic means is vital for gaining their interest. To enhance awareness and support of your project, we've put together a list of effective ways that you can promote your Kickstarter campaign. 


The act of communication using spoken words.

 Start by tapping into your social circle, which includes friends and family members. Encourage them to share information about your cause with their own connections. This can generate authentic interest and potential supporters for your cause.


Optimize your online presence to its full potential.

Make use of various digital platforms, including your website and social media accounts to raise awareness about your campaign. Create compelling content, regularly share updates and present convincing arguments that encourage people to support your cause.


Promotion that demands payment.

 To expand your audience, you may want to consider investing in paid advertising through social media or Google ads. To maximize the effectiveness of your ad budget, prioritize targeting specific demographics or interest groups that align with your niche.


Engage with relevant communities.

Proactively participate in forums, online communities and blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise. Contact forum moderators or bloggers with information about your campaign, using their platform and established followers to generate excitement.


Pre-Launch Promotion.

Generate interest for your Kickstarter campaign beforehand. Increase excitement by divulging details about your project and its release date to potential supporters. Beginning advertising in advance allows individuals to become familiar with your initiative, making them more inclined to back it once initiated.

During the course of your campaign.

Remain steadfast with your promotional efforts throughout the entirety of your Kickstarter campaign. Consistently utilize social media platforms to engage with and update your audience on significant milestones, encouraging both returning and new contributors to continue investing in your enamel pins through advertising stretch goals that provide added benefits or bonuses as a reward for their support.

Maintaining a proactive promotional approach is crucial to broaden the reach and success of your Kickstarter campaign, as it attracts more supporters and increases the chances of accomplishing your goals.


In order to succeed with your enamel pin Kickstarter campaign, it is essential to focus on three key elements: careful planning, targeted promotion strategies, and a deep understanding of your audience. This guide will help you increase the likelihood of funding while sharing incredible designs with people around the world.

To achieve optimal success rates for your project, conduct thorough research within your niche and set achievable goals that align with effective promotional techniques. By bringing charming enamel pins to life and cultivating an unwavering base who values originality & uniqueness - be ready to reach for the stars! We wish you all good luck in accomplishing your dreams!




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